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The Cannabis Compound Database includes information about more than 750 compounds found in the cannabis plant. Through an extensive literature search of peer-reviewed and professional sources, the physical and chemical properties of these compounds are consolidated into this user-friendly database. The database is continuously growing as more research is conducted in our lab and around the world on the cannabis plant.

Verified Data

All of the chemical and physical properties are validated and linked to peer-reviewed sources.

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Quickly find the answers to your questions by entering a value for any parameter and find all the compounds that match your selection.


Save hours of valuable time by finding all the necessary properties of cannabis compounds in one user-friendly database.

Updated Data

More than 750 compounds in the cannabis plant are documented and constantly updated with the latest research.

This database is designed for:

Cannabis Compound Database, THC
A look into the Cannabis Compound Database

Dr. Roggen’s Story

The Inception of the Cannabis Compound Database

When CBDV Founder Dr. Markus Roggen started his career in cannabis chemistry, he wanted access to physical and chemical data on cannabinoids. These key data points would help him build analytical methods and improve extraction protocols. For example, he needed to know the boiling point of THC for distillation, the solubility of CBD in CO2 for extraction, and the molecular weight of CBGA for analytics. But Dr. Roggen quickly realized that this information was not readily available in the usual chemistry handbooks. Instead, it would take hours to meticulously read through the literature, websites, and other reliable sources to find and verify these data points. Additionally, he wasn’t sure which properties were not yet discovered and documented about the plant. Thus, the Cannabis Compound Database was born, where the chemical and physical properties of more than 750 compounds in the cannabis plant are documented and constantly updated with the latest research.

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