The licensed cannabis and psilocybin research laboratory

Founded by award-winning chemists, CBDV focuses on extraction optimization, analytical testing, and chemical process development to advance the cannabis and psilocybin industry

Advanced Analytical Testing

An innovative solution to testing cannabis flower, extracts, formulations, and vapor/smoke. We offer comprehensive analysis and characterization of the chemical makeup of your cannabis material and products.

Research & Development

We solve your chemistry problems and help you bring your cannabis product vision to a reality. Our team offers rigorous scientific research, product development, computational chemistry, and consulting.

Cannabis Extraction Optimization

We optimize your extraction processes to maximize throughput, improve the quality of oil, and reduce waste. We offer extraction data analytics and process improvements to help you save time, money, and resources.

Cannabis Compound Database

The chemical and physical properties of more than 750 compounds found in the cannabis plant are documented and constantly updated with the latest research in one user-friendly database.

Clients & Collaborators

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